Arquer & Realtime - Unlocked/FLCL


Jan 3, 2003
Another quality pair of tracks from these American producers. Kicking off with some old skooly melodics this tracks stumbles along like a drunk fresh from a late night lock in. Bouncy breaks ramble around the main riff as a cleverly filter bit of bass work foretells of what's to come. At the drop the vagrant finally staggers in to a wall and vomits out a truely bellowing bassline which repeats itself ad nauseum. Some bee like synths fly round the pukey bass as the skipping beats roll back in to play. For a dark tune this track has a lot of head nodding groove which goes for the neck rather than those gurning jaw muscles which are usually favoured.

The flip follows a more familier path although the break used is a little out of the ordinary. The main lick of this tune is a slightly swung stab pattern which is guaranteed to get the crowd swaying and the MC's probably will ask for the rewind (they did to me anyway). This tune pretty much encapsulates all that is popular on the dancefloor these days with the obligatory grimey rising bass tone an 8 bar switch. Not as clever as the a-side but an ok tune for the style.
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