Arp XP & Maurs - DNBCAST EP - DataMod014

Arp XP & Maurs : DNBCAST ep (datamod014)
(A) Room 23
(B) Do Your Own Thing
(C) What do You Do (feat Peh)

29/12/08: Beatport Exclusive - 29/01/2009: Official Release Date

Here's something for your Wintertime needs..
Modulate keeps your booty warm with this new release from sardinian wonder
Arp Xp and the new guy on the block Maurs
... check audio on our space!

Arp XP

Arpxp, sardinian dj/producer and graphic designer, began his career in 1999
trying to produce some drumnbass tunes with useless drum machines and doing
some cheesy livesets.
Well intentioned to do something more professional as dj, he starts to play
in some of the most important italian clubs; he eventually met italian djs
Sygo and Dr.Nuke, and they joined into the SMOKE crew, releasing 12" on
Formation, Signal and Reformed and getting support by John Peel, Dj SS and
lot of big djs.
In 2005 he left SMOKE and released singles on Toughness, ToughExpress,
Artivu, G recodings and Modulate, working with Kantyze, Contour, A.Maver,
Maurs, Deval, DjDp to name a few.
In 2006, exploring new sounds, Arpxp started to produce dubstep and in 2008,
finally, he released some of his tunes with Essence of Dub and Elastica
Records, remixing Zion Train and famous italian singer Raiz.
As a dj, he played alongside artists like RoniSize, Hype, Grooverider,
ShyFx, AsianDubFoundation, A Sides, Bailey, Flight, Doc Scott, Chase&Status,
Danny Byrd, JohnB and many more. He's a Sunandbass festival's resident dj
and is heading a project called DNBCAST in his city, Cagliari.

Arpxp + Dp - All Over / Dp - Dubtrip (G Recs 001)
Arpxp - Night Train / Deval + SwitchMc - Mashup (Toughness 001)
Arpxp - Rest In Da East / Dimension of Soundz - Tubular (Toughness 002)
Arpxp - The Nation / Contour - Wailing Song (ToughExpress 003)
Arpxp - Hybrida / Arpxp + Raid - Spaghetti Step (ModulateData 005)
Arpxp - You dont stop (Artivu 001)
Arpxp - Sunday Morning / Afternoon (Essence of Dub 002)
Arpxp + Luca v - Dubcast (Elastica Digital 001)
Zion Train & Raiz - What a situation / Arpxp RMX (Elastica 005)
Arpxp + Maurs - Room23 / Do your own thing (ModulateData 014)

Discography (w/ Smoke):
Smoke - Smackdown / Smoke - Daroxx Rascal & Klone rmx (Signal 010)
Smoke - Cyclops / Smoke - Party Alarm (Formation 110)
Smoke - Cyclops (Overdrive - mixed by Aphrodite)
Smoke - Crop Circles (Reformed 017)
Smoke - Sink (Reflex Audio 001)


Mauro Picciau aka Maurs was born in 1985 in Cagliari, South Sardinia, Italy.
Drumnbass and dubstep producer/dj, he plays with the DNBCAST and has been
involved in Cagliari's dnb scene for few years now. His musical growth, past
across from different genres like hiphop, heavymetal, techno and electro,
led him to drum and bass in 2000.
Only few years after, he threw himself into music production, both
developing his own style and deriving inspiration from such big names as
Roni Size, Goldie and so on.
Up to 2008, with Modulate Recordings's first release together with ARPXP,
one of the most important italian producers and with him, in 2008, and from
a collaboration with another big sardinian producer, Maver, "the Orchid"
sees the light, soon being part of the fourth Italian Bassline compilation.