Armed Mix - Deep Dark Dubstep


big up the goons
Feb 9, 2011
Deep Dark Dubstep Mixes - Updated 17/10
Icicle & Distance - Exhale
>Skream - Memories of 3rd Base
Commodo - Saracen
Biome - Swirls
J:Kenzo & Mosaix - Alone in the Darkness
DCult - Particles
Lurka - Return
Soap Dodgers - Groundin
P Money - Left the Room (Skreamix)
new deep one

Kahn - Azalea
>Skream - Memories Of 3rd Base
J:Kenzo - Protected
Biome - Space
Commodo & Lurka - Gassin
J:Kenzo - Roteks
Killawatt - Anguished Light
District - 3.5 Grams
Benton - Skeptics
District - Radar
Biome - Pum Bum
Benton - Thermo Stellar
>SX vs Ramadanman - Woo Glut
Lurka - Return
Icicle - Galacticstep
Collision - Identity
Collision - Glare
De Niro, Y, Estel Luz - Gold (Jack Sparrow Remix)
Kryptic Minds - The Fifth
DJ Madd - Blank Space
Soap Dodgers - No6
Kryptic Minds - Myth
Shreddex - Silence
District - Radar
Killawatt - Narco
Footsie - Ghost Train
Skream - Memories of 3rd Base
Commodo & Lurka - Gassin

Let me know what you think, bigup
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big up the goons
Feb 9, 2011
mostly, few vinyl bits like space, roteks and that collision tune. a mate left his cdjs round mine so I had my 1210's & 4cdjs for a week. good times


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Jun 13, 2009
Just listened to the second little mix. Mixed really well, obviously alot of planning went into the tracklist. (I hate mixing dubstep to be honest because all my actually 'mix' parts sound the same). But this was really smooth. Very nice man


big up the goons
Feb 9, 2011
Cheers mate.

Actually managed to stick to what I worked out for once. Normally miss a point where I should drop something and end up blagging my way through!

All about the deeper bits.
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