arent chase and status' sets all exactly the same?


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Mar 2, 2009
ive seen chase and status 3 times in the last month, first time they were all right, but they did pretty much just play their album, bit boring... then each other time they played exactly the same set... has anyone else found this????
Yea recently been pissin me off. I used to look forwar to the chase & Status sets cos u didnt know what they were gonna do, always pickin a good set of tunes out the bag.
Dunno about egotistical, I'd say they're still promoting their album hard and thinking that people may be at the rave who haven't heard it?

Agree I am getting VERY tired of the selection in their sets, thing is they can mix quite well but I'd still be in room 2 all the time they're rinsing out 'More Than Alot'

many of their tunes are banging like brazil, and wizard killa, why dont they play that shit? they have hit mainstream.. just hope they dont pull a pendulum on us... (all their dubstep tunes have got that same synth innit..)
thing is they can mix quite well

I saw them using pre-pitched cds at Ram late last year, was not impressed at all.

Although when they're not using pre-pitched cds they're usually not bad, or maybe that's just them using pre-pitched cds on an off night? lol

Nah I think usually they're okay, but I'm so against anyone EVER using pre-pitched cds, not when there's people like Noize and AMC working their asses off to try and get recognised for REAL DJing.
More words please Boudi, perhaps a nice story, nice bit of gossip?
they do seem arrogant... they think they can get away with a set every night playin tha same shit.... didnt help at the dnb awards,,, they got 3 ...all in a row... man they thought they were the balls.... however they are promoting the revolution so big up....
More words please Boudi, perhaps a nice story, nice bit of gossip?

Tee hee. Nah man, no gossip or anything. They just make me so angry. The potential that was there was just amazing & look what they did. Fair play to Andy though, I bet they've made him alot of dollar.
Can I just say that I do like their music before anyone jumps on me.
Well I've heard few stories about them acting all rockstar and shit, just wondered if there was another to add to the collection.

I'm sure they will start mixing their sets up a bit again, hopefully get back into the studio too and bang out a couple of more anthems for the summer. That'd be nice.
yeah man .. its like football man. andy c blatently saw commercial potential ... and he is now reaping it in... until it got killed.. i liked their stuff..
The thing is, unlike Pendulum, Chase & Status still have the opportunity to save themselves, by this year making some drum and bass which we will all love, but 15 year old girls with flurecent wardrobes will not.

All that's left to do is pray ...

Amen Break.
Wot! i thought by now they wudda had plenty of fresh dubs on the go! It pissed me off when they played there whole album at warning as a set!And that was when it first came out! I thought they wudda freshened things up a bit by now!?! LAME
Haha I knew this would happen. Everyones gonna get sick of them and they will be the second Pendulum in that sense. Subfocus is next.
saw them in Manchester in oct/ london in nov and @ Matter 3 weeks ago.....same shit different least they didnt drag Plan B with 'em the last 2 time :)

But Will IS cute:evil:
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