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    Monday 27th December 2010 - 4-6pm GMT on

    For my final show before we launch into 2011 I have called up on some of my favorite producers to put together guest mixes for the show. Each of these mixes comes from some one who i predict to become more established in the scene next year or start to break through.

    In no particular order I have exclusive mixes from:

    Fused Forces - Showcasing a lot of fresh tracks they've put together in the last few months!
    Forensics - who is going from strength to strength this year with his productions and Methodology label.
    Pressa - Who is someone I predict we'll be hearing a lot more form next year.
    Aeon - A really talented producer who has a release forthcoming on Area Recordings and is someone to keep an eye on.
    Krytikal - Who received air play from Distance on Rinse, and has a track forthcoming on Area Recordings.
    3rdeye - Highly under rated IMO, his 'Road to Awe ep' is killer! He has featured on the show before and has a bunch of releases scheduled for 2011.!

    plus a couple of others

    it really will be a two hour showcase of some seriously good quality music from some seriously talented producers!