Are these mixed

Alright peeps, was wondering if you could tell me whether these CD's are mixed or if they are individual tracks.

1)Klute - Lie Cheat & Steal/ You Should Be Ashamed
2)Shy FX - Diary Of A digital Sound Boy
3)Clipz - Living Drumz
4)Pendulum - Hold Your Colour
4) High Contrast - True Colours
5)Klute - No One's Listening Any More
6)DJ Marky & XRS - In Rotation
7)Calibre - Second Sun
8)Nu:Tone - Brave Nu World
9)Calibre - Musique Concrete
10)London Elektricity - Billion Dollar Gravy
11)London Elektricity - Power Ballards
12)Phuturistix - Feel It Out
13)Total Science - Good Game
14)High Contrast - High Society
15)Audioworks - Compilations/Volumes
16)Un-Cut - The Un-Calculated Some

You'll have to fogive me for being a bit retarded but I want to make sure they are the full tracks.



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1 no
2 no
3 is mixed
4 no
5 no
6 dont know, probably not
7 no
8 no
9 no
10 no
11 no
12 dont know
13 yes (?)
14 no
15 audioworks - some if not all
16 don't know
Correct me if wrong

Most artist cds are not mixed but some have additional mix cds added.

Most if not all dj cds (compilations included) are mixed, sometimes (rarely) they come with an unmixed cd with some tracks.

If its not an album release and has a producer name, then he's probably playing it as a dj.