Are Technics worth keeping?


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Dec 9, 2008
Is it even worth keeping them anymore if they are not being used? not used mine for over a year and do not plan to.. been offered 800 for my orange and white custom ones that MR Noize did for me.

Keep hold and see if price ever rises? or sell now for a profit?!

Nice one
I'm in the same boat. I have a pair of 1210s that have been unused in nearly 3 years! I might just sell mine now.
No no no! Keep them i say, there will always be times where you want to have a mix. The money will be spent in no time and you will regret it!
Resale prices look low currently, might be worth hanging onto them to get a better price if you do plan to sell
I would keep them unless you literally can't store them.
Personally I'll never sell mine, but I guess it depends on the situation. I brought mine new & have looked after them extremely well, so I know their history & that they'll be sweet for the rest of my life. If you had a worn out shitty pair that had changed hand 4 times, had been beaten on, drinks poared into them, & generally used to party with little regard for their future, why not flcik them off...
I've been in 2 minds about this for a couple of years, was using Traktor Scratch, get fed up of laptop lags and got some Pioneer XDJS instead so now don't use them at all.

Did sell half my record collection as had a lot of shit from over the years 1994-2011, now got the best of the best so can't bring myself to sell them as if i do, i'll have to sell the vinyl.

Had them from new for 20 years, and last week actually paid to have them serviced for the first time ever and got new phonos, MK5 pitch upgrades and new lights so i think it's made me fall in love with them all over again tbh.

So to conclude, i think you'll regret it if you did sell them.
Tonaaaaay. The fact you have to ask tells me ur heart says no, keep them.
£800 really isn’t enough money to sway me. Not worth it imo. Keep them, even if its in storage. They are bound to go up or at least hold their value for years to come. Personally I’d hang on to them. But if you do sell and change ur mind later, u can always pick some 2nd hand ones up. Regardless of condition they are quite easy to fix or replace parts if need be.
I sold mine a couple of years ago, 2 as new and one broken for £800. I don't regret selling them, my cdjs do the job and 99& of the time the clubs only have cds anyway.

Lack of space was a factor though, if I'd lived in a huge house with plenty of space, I probably would have kept them.
i'm not an expert or anything, but i'm always keeping them... JIC (just in case) has always proven that they might be super helpful even after many years, although sometimes you might get the impression that you're never going to use them. in the end, i would keep them Coconut Muffins
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Luckily I buy other music on vinyl so they’re still useful but I’ve got Gemini pt2000’s which are less hipster and gay
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