Label ARDIG011 - "Heavy Duty" EP - Nufojah + Envoys Evolution


Nov 8, 2008

Ammunition's 2nd release of 2009 should fully live up to its title. If you like it heavy, techy, and hard, our 11th release, ARDIG011 - "Heavy Duty" EP, should have something right up your alley.

Bringing together artists from Romania and Russia, Nufojah (of the group Kriotek) and Envoys Evolution bring 2 tunes each to the table, each sure to smash it propa.

Here's some clips of the 4 bits of heavy, forthcoming on our "Heavy Duty" EP through Ammunition Recordings.

*Clips 64kbps*

Nufojah - Laghar
Envoys Evolution - Regative
Nufojah - Ductil
Envoys Evolution - We Soul

Written Detail
Artist: Nufojah & Envoys Evolution
Album: "Heavy Duty" EP
Release: Jan. 19th, 2009
Label: Ammunition Recordings
Retailers: Beatport, DOA, Juno, TrackItDown, iTunes, Amazon, Chemical, + more

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