Label ARDIG010 - "Check Your Target" EP - Rolar


Nov 8, 2008

To get some hype before the new year, Ammunition's starting out 2009 with a massive EP from the very talented Rolar.

Reigning from the Ukraine, Rolar's tunes are sure to make you move with their funky grooves and fat basslines. Influenced by a rock background, his production style is more of the neurofunk and technoid spectrum of dnb.

With releases through labels suchas Trust In Music, Mind OUTside, and Ammunition, and collabs and the support of Sunchase, Redco, Nize5ive, + many more, Rolar's sure to get inside your head with these great tunes.

Without further hesitation, here's some clips of the 4 tunes forthcoming on his "Check Your Target" EP through Ammunition Recordings.

Rolar - Distant Machine

Rolar - Cracked

Rolar - Impuls 101 (VIP)

Rolar - Motor

Written Detail
Artist: Rolar
Album: "Check Your Target" EP
Release: Jan. 9th, 2009
Label: Ammunition Recordings
Retailers: Beatport, DOA, Juno, TrackItDown, iTunes, Amazon, Chemical, + more



Nov 8, 2008
Rolar tearing things up! 3 out of 4 of the tunes on his "Check Your Target" EP are in the top 50 in the Beatport Top 100, and was also featured on Juno's Bestsellers, check it!



Bigup Rolar! :boxing:
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