Label ARDIG009: Bishop, XTM, Asphexia, Cabassa, The Square


Nov 8, 2008

In order to showcase Ammunitions craving for diversity in dnb, we've pulled together 4 tunes from some upcoming producers of the darker / techy'er spectrum of Drum n' Bass.

Some absolutely great beats, whether you enjoy a bit of a fast paced techno feel / influence in your dnb, or that good ole halfstep vibe that makes you nod your head, we'd defo recommend checking out some of these.

The basslines drop from the deepest darkest depths of the black forest and mountains of the....... yeaaah, not quite our style, haha. Again, we always say the tunes speak better for themselves than any description we can give you, so here's some clips to give you all a heads up on what's to come:

Bishop - Spacesuit

XTM - Brave

Asphexia & Cabassa - The Sound

Korrupted State & The Square - Locust

The Details
Artists: Bishop, XTM, Asphexia, Cabassa, Korrupted State, The Square
Album: "Spacesuit" EP
Release: Dec. 22nd
Label: Ammunition Recordings
Retailers: Beatport, DOA, Juno, TrackItDown, iTunes, Amazon, Chemical, + more

Available on all your favorite distributors suchas Beatport, Juno, TrackitDown, DOA, and loads more which you can find on our site, Dec. 22nd, 2008.

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