ARDIG007 - Fatal Error EP - Refreshing sound for Dnb


Nov 8, 2008
Ez Dnb forum'ers,

A few months back, we were lucky enough to be contacted by KinetiX and thrown some demos. Upon 1st listen... jaws dropped. 4 massive tunes filled with craaaaaazy percussive madness, abstract all over the damn place basslines, punchy in your face kicks, and an overall structure you'd never even foresee coming at you.

THIS... is a new breed of drum n' bass.

The Info!

Artist: KinetiX
Album: "Fatal Error" EP
Release: Nov. 24th, 2008
Label: Ammunition Recordings
Retailers: Beatport, iTunes, Juno, Chemical, TrackItDown, DOA, + more!


AR025D - Kinetix - Lost In Reverie
AR026D - Kinetix - Kernel Panic
AR027D - Kinetix - Memory Leak
AR028D - Kinetix - His Day Will Come

Click the following links to stream a few of the tunes!

Kinetix - Memory Leak:

Kinetix - Kernel Panic

To hear the tunes in the mix, tune in on DnbRadio.Com Monday from 6-8pm EST, or Friday 7-830pm EST!

These are gonna be massiff, already receiving some huge support and double takes across the board.

- Ammunition
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