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Dear Labels & Artists,

Welcome to Aquila Records, we offer fair prices for a full range of production and mastering needs. We have just launched our new Production and Mastering Suite and also our new Online Engineering department for up and coming producers and also record labels while maintaining a high level of quality within the industry.

We offer a wide range of services such as track and set mastering, online engineering, online mastering courses to give our clients more control of there productions and overall quality. Whether your a new artist looking for help to finish your productions so they are ready to send to labels or your a record label looking for more options when signing artists and tracks to the label, we here to help your needs.

Our aim is to provide an industry standard for both, that keeps everyone happy and helps boost the reputation of all in question.

Full List of Services Provided

Single Wav Final Mastering = £8.00
Multi-Track Final Mastering = £40.00
CD or Mixed Set Mastering = £15.00
Online Track Engineering (Over 2 Days) = £175.00
Online Mastering Course (Over 2 Days) = £85.00
1 Day Part Engineering in Studio = £100.00
2 Days Full Engineering in Studio = £200.00

* We will aim to do mastering the same day for you depending on the amount required to do and also your own deadlines if need be.
Payments can be made through PayPal for quick and easy transactions.

Many thanks for your time.

Best Wishes

Aquila Records

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