Label Aquila Records Launches Mastering Suite

Dear Artists,

My name is Chris Rossi (Aquilaganja) from Aquila Records in the UK. At the end of November I launched the Mastering and Online Engineering dept of the label to help Artists to maintain a high level of quality productions within the industry.
Whether you are a new up and coming producer or an established label, it’s always professional to maintain a high quality and standard of music. This has been proven to help business’s grow and artists to keep building there fan base because the listener/customer is hooked from start to finish due to the professional quality of the productions.
It also keeps digital distributors happy because they don’t have to worry as much about what they sign or promo. You could call it their peace of mind. Recently Beatport has been turning releases away because of the lack of mastering quality that in turn reflects badly on the labels and the artists. My aim is to provide an industry standard for both, that keeps everyone happy and helps boost the reputation of all in question.

Price Listing for Mastering

Single Wav Mastering (Full track as one) – £7.00

Multi Track Mastering (Each sound individually) – £ 35.00

Full EP Mastering (A max of 4 tracks per EP) - £28.00

Full EP Mastering (5 tracks or more per EP) - £ 40.00

We will aim to do mastering the same day for you depending on the amount required to do and also your own deadlines if need be.
Once I have mastered everything I will send over a 2min HQ mp3 sample for the client to listen to first and decide if it’s up to there standard. Payments can be made through PayPal once the samples have been approved and as soon as the payment has cleared I will send a zip file back to you containing one Wav, one HQ mp3 and a 128kb sample for Myspace and any other online players etc.

If you require any other format please make this known before the final masters are sent back.

Contact Info:

Chris Rossi (Aquila Records)

Many Thanks for your time and look forward to hearing from you.

Chris Rossi (Label Owner/Producer/Dj)