April 2012 mix, breaks to DnB

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    I mixed this using virtual dj, as I have no room for my decks here and have no cd decks, so its all live, no earphones to cue up, so a bit dodgy in places but some good bits too, especially once the dnb gets going :)
    levels are all over the place at times at as virtualdj seems to have a mind of its own level wise, so quite oldskool sounding lol, oh and scrambling around on my pc looking for tracks was a nightmare :) so verrrry late mix ins a plenty
    really makes me wish I had my technics as I sound shoddy as hell lol

    set list:
    Walld Svanetelli - Firebomb (Vocal Edit)
    Max Romeo & The Upsetters Vs Strange Rollers - One Step to Dread
    Paul - Dig this
    Paul - My way (2012 mix)
    Paul - coming of age
    Dj Nee - Rainbows
    Paul - brainstorm
    Paul - whatever ( unfinished flp )
    Paul - 2012
    Paul - j-tek dreams
    sub focus - druggy
    foreign concept - possesive
    basher - xerox
    friction & nu balance - robocop (taxman remix)
    sub focus - deep space
    heist - search party
    fierce & s.p.y - fury
    a sides - sugar sweet