Aprentis - Underground Carnage Vol.2

Ez peeps,

been a while since iv been seen on drum n bass forum... but im back with another mix by myself, Underground Carnage Vol.2..

Featuring some tunes you already know are smashing up the dnb scene atm, aswel as some bangers from my up n coming record label FILTHY TECHNIQUE

all feedback is much appreciated.. full tracklist is below

enjoy ;)


Fresh - Hypercaine
Bluefoot - Ooh La La
Jaydan - Badman
Coalminer - Friendly Advice (Filthy Technique)
High Contrast - Ready for the Weekend RMX
Mampi Swift - One Finga
Coalminer - Tranzform (Filthy Technique)
N-zyme - Victim
Blame - Show me Love
Geno Cyber - ?? (Dub)
Bassbox Ben - Are You Down (Dub)
Interface - Get Lo
Dungeon Beats - Stop
Bio - Smoke Marijuana VIP
Shrust + Bio - Water Ghost
Dungeon Beats - Basic Foundation (Filthy Business)
N-zyme - Scared Rabbits (Filthy Technique)
N-zyme - Thats what you do (Filthy Technique)
Bio - Who Know (Filthy Technique)
Majistrate - Mankind
Shrust - Rasta Zombies
Reapers Hooded Shroud