Aprentis - Filthy Technique Promo Pt.3

Ez peeps, heres a lil somethin from our up n coming digital label.. Filthy Technique

Featuring many forthcoming releases from the FilthCamp, aswel as bangers from DubplateMafia Recordings, RW Digital + more!
Hope you enjoy the sounds, all feedback is needed and much appreciated! full tracklist can be found below:


Halfdead - Terrorist Re-Lick (Remorsless Rekordingz)
Crystal Clear - Pure Thought
Bassbox Ben - Are You Down (DUB)
Grandad - Magmabeam
Logan D + Majistrate - Devlin (Brainwashed) RMX
Mischief + Mayhem - Deadline
Chudds - the Black hole (Filthy Technique)
Spooks - Evil Power (DUB)
Chudds - Kung Fu (Filthy Technique)
Cue - Break The Enemy
Dubbage - Pokey Bum Wank (RW Digital)
Impulse - Virtual Reality (Filthy Technique)
Alpha - Scared Rabbits (Filthy Technique)
Prospec - Hold Yuh VIP
Dubbage - WrongUn - (RW Digital)
Chudds - The Masichist (Filthy Technique)
Chudds - Fiyah (Filthy Technique)
Dungeon Beats - Say Goodnight (DUB)
Impulse - New World Order (Filthy Technique)
Dominator - Dope (Code Error Digital)
D-Man - Doctor Death (DUB)
Prospec - From the Shadows (Subbohmz Digital - AVAILABLE NOW!)
Dub Professors - One Night in November (DubplateMafia)
Rudy - Evil RMX (RW Digital)
Twisted Facts - Epidemic (Filthy Technique - AVAILABLE NOW!)
Aliman - Mad Villain (Filthy Technique)
Highly Tuned - Watch me Drop a Bomb (DubplateMafia)