Aprentis - Carnage Vol 2 + Filthy Tech Promo Mix 2

Discussion in 'Members Mixes' started by dj-aprentis, Aug 4, 2010.

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    Ez peeps, its been a while since posted a mix up on here....

    you may remember me form the 'Outlaw Sessions' as they were a massive hit on the forums... n im bak today with another 2 mixes :)

    Theres no download time involved, simply click the link... tracklists are included on the soundcloud page, but can also be found below:

    Carnage Vol.2: http://soundcloud.com/aprentisdj/carnage-vol-2

    Fresh - Hypercaine
    Bluefoot - Ooh La La
    Jaydan - Badman
    Coalminer - Friendly Advice
    High Contrast - Ready for the Weekend
    Mampi Swift - One Finga
    Coalminer - Tranzform
    N-Zyme - Victim
    Blame - Show me Love
    Geno Cyber - ??
    Bassbox Ben - Are You Down
    Interface - Get Lo
    Dungeon Beats - Dont Stop Go
    Bio - Smoke Marijuana VIP
    Shrust + Bio - Water Ghosts
    Dungeon Beats - Basic Foundation
    N-Zyme - Scared Rabbits
    N-Zyme - Thats What You Do
    Bio - Who Know
    Majistrate - Mankind
    Shrust - Rasta Zombies
    Reapers - Hooded Shroud

    Filthy Technique Promo 2: http://soundcloud.com/aprentisdj/filthy-technique-promo-mix-pt-2

    Xample + Lomax - Remember
    Coalminer - U lil Punk
    Coalminer - Kill Real Killaz
    Bio - Smoke Marijuana VIP
    Dominator - Deadly Force
    Twisted Facts - Epidemic
    Spooks - Camouflage
    Bassbox Ben - Are you Down
    Coalminer - Friendly Advice
    Fresh - Heavyweight
    Dungeon Beats - Start from the Beginning
    Dungeon Beats - That Technique
    Coalminer - Tranzform
    Coalminer - So in Love
    Dungeon Beats - Dont Stop Go
    Coalminer - Ignition
    Twisted Facts - Where you Wanted

    Hope you enjoy... all feedback is much appreciated
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    Hi aprentis,

    thanks 4 sharing these sick mixes. LIKE IT

    I hope u keep up the good work man ;)