Apostroph - Control EP - ARX052 - Architecture Recordings - Fri Mar 31 2017


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Dec 1, 2013
Continuing to blaze their trail through the lower depths of Drum & Bass, DJ Ink's Architecture imprint returns with 5 cuts of bottom swimming dubwise ruffage from Hungarian duo Apostroph. Influenced heavily by the minimalist aesthetic and ambient sound design of artists like Loxy & Resound, Instra:mental and ASC, Apostroph concoct their own visions of stripped back half step crafted for the dance floor or home listening.

From the throbbing kicks and bongos of lead cut "Control", to the melancholy echo chamber melodies of "Delusion", their steely vision takes shape. Things take a more sinister turn with the eerie building tension of "Haunted", going further into the abyss with the lurking darkness of "Separated". Rounding out the package on a high, massive woodblocks meet the churning undertow bassline of "Vacant", imparting a deep Junglist taint to the whole package. Raw, weighty and essential.

https://soundcloud.com/architexink%2Fapostroph-control https://soundcloud.com/architexink%2Fapostroph-delusion https://soundcloud.com/architexink%2Fapostroph-haunted https://soundcloud.com/architexink%2Fapostroph-separated https://soundcloud.com/architexink%2Fapostroph-vacant
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