Apok-C is having a MC Contest ......


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Apok-C is having a MC Contest ......

For the 3rd installment of our b2b session mixes, we wanted to do a Summer theme for everybody to enjoy, and for a quick style change from our usual genre selection. The rules are simple and this should be a very fun project/contest for everyone involved so I hope all of you participate!!! Mix will be posted in MID MAY, and the contest is the whole month of JUNE!

Instead of choosing what MC's we want on this mix, we thought we would let YOU guys be the judge of who did the best job of portraying an MC on the mix!


1. Apok-C & Alpha DK will be posting an hour long mix on here with no MC's on it. It will just be the mix available for download.

2. Any contestants / MC's wishing to be apart of this will then download the mix from the link provided, and work "their" magic on the vocals for the mix

3. Here's the big reminder! THERE CAN BE MORE THAN ONE MC ON THE MIX!!!! We encourage you guys to pair up with other MC's and artists! There is no maximum amount of MC's for one entry! You can have 8 MC's on your entry if that's what you want and if that's what you think sounds good! We've been to many shows and know that you guys work well together on the stage, so we encourage multiple MC's per entry, but that's up to you if you want to do that or just you by yourself.

4. Along with adding your vocals, you can also master the mix to your liking. You are allowed to run the mix through filters, add effects, whatever you want, just no messing with the timing of the actual mix itself. It will be around 183bpm

5. When finished with the mix, please SEND ME A PERSONAL MESSAGE AT: (www.facebook.com/ApokC) on a decent file hosting website (Mediafire.com / Rghost.net / Fileshare.com)

6. The judging will be as follows: Everybody will be a judge! Friends, family, anyone! Obviously you yourself can not vote, but everyone else can! So tell people about your mix and tell them to vote for you! THE ONLY WAY TO VOTE IS TO SEND ME A PERSONAL MESSAGE AT: (www.facebook.com/ApokC) This will make sure that the votes stay anonymous. Just title it, "I VOTE FOR..." In the odd case that there is a tie between the 2 winners, then Apok-C and Alpha DK will be the tiebreakers.

Remember, this is supposed to be fun! Have fun with it! BE DIFFERENT!

The winner's entry will be posted on my soundcloud (Apok-C)

All other entries will still be posted on soundcloud as a downloadable link so people can still view it even after the contest is over :)

If you have any other questions feel free to message me or leave a comment on here and I'll get back to you, thanks!

- Apok-C (Ples) & Alpha DK (Kenny)
Release date: Jun 2, 2011

Goodluck to all the electronic metaldick spitting contenders


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why is the outcome in so many comps decided by public votes
seems stupid to me, you could be shitter than a lot of other people entering but just be good at promoting yourself and get loads more votes
its the same when it comes to a lot of dj comps as well, i think it would be a lot fairer if you had just a handful of judges, just my opinion, wondering if anyone else shares this opinion?
good luck to anyone entering this comp anyways