Apocalypse Now / Deep DnB


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A Deep DnB Mix.

The intent was to use dBridge and Soul:R style tunes, as opposed to more Amen based beats.

The mix features heavily tunez from the dBridge '7 Year Glitch' and the 'Future Sound of Cambridge, Vol. 3' albums. Also a few things from Soul:R's 'DAT:Music' Vol. 1 & 2. All of these are albums well worth picking up if you like this style of DnB. '7 Year Glitch' in particular is very original and has some deep killer tunes.

There are a couple of old tracks in there: 'Johnny' from the early '90s ['92/93] on Suburban Base and 'Apache' from Matrix, on his first album on Virus recordings [2000].

The intro narrative is from 'Apocalypse Now', the epic 1979 film set during the Vietnam War.

Any feedback, particularly on the selection and transitions, would be much appreciated.


Apocalypse Now

00. Apocalypse Now [Intro]
01. Future Sound of Cambridge - Ghost Snare [Hospital]
02. dBridge - Creaturez of Habit [Exit]
03. Naibu - Newport [Soul:R]
04. dBridge - Mourning Dawn [Exit]
05. Johnny Jungle - Johnny [Suburban Base]
06. dBridge - Pure Elegance [Exit]
07. dBridge - 7 Year Glitch [Exit]
09. Brooklyn - Some1 [Naibu Mix] [Horizonz]
10. Future Sound of Cambridge - Bear Musik [Hospital]
11. MI:ST - Sark [Soul:R]
12. Mutt - Over [Inside]
13. Future Sound of Cambridge - Trooperz [Hospital]
14. Matrix - Apache [Virus]
15. ST Filez - Moodz [Soul:R]
16. InsideInfo - Sound [Critical]
17. BMK & Coda - Hush [BIOS]
18. Apex4 - Weeping Willow [Horizonz]
19. Unknown Error - Yearning [Apex4 VIP] [Horizonz]
20. Ruffige Cru - Riderz Ghost VIP [Metaheadz]

78mins. 176bpm. 182mb. 320kbps.

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