Aphex Twin Jungle Set


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Sep 7, 2011
Yo, this is going to be a toughy... I have an Aphex Twin set from 2003 which is majorativelyj jungle and drill'n'bass until about 20 mins in; i have a lot of the tracks but are missing some. They aren't what you'd expect AFX to play - Dom and Roland - Soundwall VIP is in there.

link for audio is here http://www.mixcrate.com/mix/44894/Aphex-Twin-Heavy-DJ-Mix---live-set
(about 20mins it turns into gabba, allow that hype dw about that)

1) Johnny Jungle - Killa Sound (Chrome and Time remix)
2) Aphex Twin - Ziggomatic17
3) Amen Andrews - 100001 Style
4) Dom and Roland - Soundwall VIP
5) ?????
6) ?????
7) Skeptic - Tear

any help would be hugely appreciated! Ps anyone who loves breakcore style jungle will furking love this :)
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