APC 40 remote control script hack

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    Jan 14, 2011
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    I just realised that i deleted my previous thread.

    So, as I said, after being looking for hours in internet about scripts and other ways to use the APC40, rather then the default configuration.
    I found a magic link where to download the Remote Control Script that litterally expand your APC40 with
    -1 step sequencer
    -Clip launch session view
    -Scene overview
    -6 user mode with pads divided by groups and color, sending midi note messages (exactly like a drum pad. e.g. Korg Padkontrol). Not velocity msg available. (but who cares!)

    The guy, Hanz Petrov did a huge effort on re-edit the control script. And he released the file for us to grab it for free.
    Of course, if you want to subscribe a donation, is there the option.

    Download link here:

    APC 64-40 - a custom MIDI remote script for the APC40, featuring a 64 step sequencer.

    New! Latest revision includes a compatibility fix for Live 8.2.5.

    For donation or further information and check the source page, check this link: http://remotescripts.blogspot.co.uk/p/apc-64-40.html

    I forgot to say, if someone of you guys has a usefull link to post regarding other workings and tested hacks and scripts for the APC40, please share in this thread!
    It will be very apprecaited from other users! ;)
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