DnB Apapr Promo Mix // EAST FORMS Drum&Bass


Jan 9, 2017

Submerge into dope darkness where gruff rhythms ram deeper into mollifying bass pulsations

[Vladivostok | Russian Far East]

Mauoq - Voids [Mauoq Music]
Adred (feat. Lystone) - Ghetto Chemistry [Soul:r]
Survey - Chatter [Bios Recordings]
Nymfo - Coming Through (Quadrant, Ant TC1 & Iris Remix) [Dispatch Recordings]
Alix Perez & Zero T - The Ladders [Dispatch Dubplate]
DLR - Journey to Mars [Dispatch Recordings]
Ulterior Motive - Longshot (Xtrah Remix) [Metalheadz]
Lockjaw - Heavenly Bodies [Invisible]
Survey - You Wonder [Invisible]
Nickbee - The Gears [Eatbrain]
Calyx & Teebee - Follow The Leader [Moving Shadow]
Ivy Lab - Forex [Critical Music]
Incognito - Foundations [Cyberfunk]
War - Lesser Evil [Metnem]
Enei (feat. Charli Brix) - Just One Look (Signal Remix) [Critical Music]
A Gim (feat. Klark) - Rajka (Handra Remix)
Amoss - Yuzu [Horizons Music]
Fre4knc - Tradecraft [Invisible]
Xtrah - Nachtmuzik [Cyberfunk]
Emperor (feat. Solah) - Made Of Light [Critical Music]
Hydro & War - Film Noir [Horizons Music]
Kemal & Rob Data - Star Trails [Moving Shadow]
GLXY - Astoria [Limitless]
HLZ - Dream Source [The Dreamers Recordings]
Villem & Phase - Kaiko [Metalheadz]
Naibu - Help Computer [Horizons Music]

Lossless: hearthis.at/eastformsdnb/apaprpromomix/
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