AP Bolan - The Eyez EP release info *free 320s inside*


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Check out the new release from AP Bolan. This will be available from Beatport on 4/20

A P BOLAN is a producer from Wales, U.K. whos musical roots has always been funk.
He has always, for as long as he can remember,
even as a child, had music in his head. He has always had thoughts for tunes but never had any
knowledge or access to facilities for learning, until he met his mate Martin Linton, whom he was
interviewing for a job with a UPVC company. Martin told him about his interests and about his
hobbies which were all music orientated (hardcore!!), he had two old samplers and an amega
computer running musicX. AP BOLAN offered him the job there and then!! (With the intention
of learning from this guy). Martin introduced him to Jason Milner (Develop) and the three of
them, along with another long term friend, Gareth Temby (Tembish) worked together
experimenting with drum and bass and learning their trade with a some valuable pointers
from Meredith jones (Ambisonik)who had had some successful releases on Flex records.
They progressed to cubase on the amega, trying their hardest to get the style of drum and bass
they aspired to. A P BOLAN has been learning and teaching himself aspects of sound
engineering/production and with the help of the internet and 'dogsonacid' he has learned
his techniques. For around about 10 years he experimented using other peoples equipment,due to
lack of funds, then came the digital revolution which enabled him to have all he needed at his
finger tips in his P.C. He is at the stage where he is using cubase sx3, reaktor5, kontakt and
various other vsts and plug-ins. He has the added advantage of being able to see the reaction
to finished tunes to the drum and bass scene at his residency at Holodeck, in the Club Ifor
Bach, Cardiff (aka The Welsh Club - Cardiff's only surviving underground music club).
The reaction to his tunes has given him the encouragment to continue and to have faith
in himself. Influences; first and foremost; Average White Band Stevie Wonder,
George Clinton and the Funkadelic Family, believe it or not Marc Bolan and T.Rex !!!!!
David Bowie, Pink Floyd. D&B influences ; Ed Rush and Optical, Stakka and skynet,
Cause for Concern.....most recently, Phace, Noisia and TeeBee

The Eyez EP clips:

AP Bolan - Frightenerz

AP Bolan - 8 Eyes

AP Bolan - System Eyez

AP Bolan - Up Tight

Two Free 320's from Organik & Variant:

Organik & Variant - Eastern Dub

Variant & Organik - Doors Wide Open

Huge thanks to everyone who is supporting us on this thing. The next EP is already in the works and should
be out soon after this one featuring the long awaited return of the artist formerly known as Assembly. ez