Anyone want to colab?


Jan 16, 2011
Ive gotten to the point where i kinda know what im doing but end up leaving songs 60 or 70% finished because I get sick of the sounds.

So yeah thought id throw it out there that id be keen to try put something together with other people

Im using albeton atm so if you had albeton too that would save alot of messing around

also lean towards jump up and jungle side of dnb... but the minimal steppy kind of stuff like konichi and decimal bass interests me too

hit us up by msg or post here
this is the last thing ive made
ez'd be better off posting a link to a track that youve made or want to colab on to give us an idea of your production levels and style.

You'd have to create a file with all the elements of a track that can be used with all software...not everyone uses in wav's.

good luck
Might be intrested, im nothing special tho so i dont expect wonders. What synths/vst's do you use? Because it would help if we used afew that were the same.
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Im using massive + simpler or short circuit mostly for basses (have kontakt too but havent played around with it properly yet)
camelcrusher + wow filter + the usual albeton distortion plugins

i have most of the more popular soft synths.... just normally go to massive first because its what i started with

but yeah im not amazing yet lol but i do have a good ear and know when something sounds good or bad :)
ill shoot you guys a pm with my email addy
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