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    Has anyone got ANy tracks by Reactor grits,TwsitedMC,DJScam,Arcc,Biorhythm? The Kontact Kru members fastracker music XM IT MODS' or anything of Techstep drum and bass. Does anyone remember Hardassez? Legion of Kaos.? Overflow/deginge/techleash/ etc etc. does anyone have anything from aroudn 1999/2000/2001 era?. ive got loooooooads I can send back to anyone. if they are interested?. anything on OLD CD's anything please anyone that knows anything . get back to me! btw dj scam is (serum now from ray keith label). Also twisted MC is known as (fallout). Not too sure baout the others. just anything ! :) and we can sort out some sort of arrangement of swapping tracks ....