anyone looking for some 1210's on the cheap??

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    Jul 1, 2008
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    i have 2 pairs of technics 1210's which i have been given to recoup part of a debt

    both pairs have been fully serviced and are in good working order mechanicly

    first pair is in vgc with a few very minor marks (only visible if your looking very closely) and are available for £300

    second pair are in good working order but one of the decks is missing 2 feet (new feet can be brought for £10.50 each) and the small clip that holds the tonearm in place is broken (new one can be brought for £1.50) there again are a few small visible marks but nothing major due to the small problems i will accept £250 for these

    note both decks do not come with lids, needles or cartridges

    i can send photos of either (or both) pairs to you if you want to see them

    you will need to collect them from newbury (berkshire) which is junction 13 on the m4 just outside reading

    cash on collection

    more info