Drum & Bass Anyone know this song?

Lol so I know this is a complete long shot but I was at a friends house last month and this one dude played a drum and bass mix on YouTube. I've tried using Shazam and soundhound to find the song played and even asked the guy himself what he played but he can't remember and thus, I can't find it. :( So I came here, in complete desperation lol, because I've wondered for the past month what the name of this song is. You can watch the video (ignore the my friend vaping lol) and hear the song, although it's a really short video so yeah.
Link to the vid (as I'm on iPhone and can't figure out how to upload any other way lol) https://vid.me/c74c
Hoping someone can help me out, or at least find out which mix it's from on YouTube! :gslayer: