Anyone know how to make this kind of bass + whats it called

^This probably.

LFO to filter/amp/whatever + key follow isn't necessary tho (but it makes sense to have that for extra variation). More important thing is that played notes are far enough (in terms of pitch) from each other, so that the movement created by detuning gets noticeably faster and slower when each note is played.
Hard to say about the waveforms used, but they sound more squarish than sawish to me... Not that a square would get you the exact same sound, but it's rougly in the same domain. Highly likely that there's a flanger in there as well.

By the way on a side note: did you know that square waves (and saws) in different wavetables in Massive sound different? Not a huge difference when listened to by itself, but can make a bigger change when crafting dirty basses. =)
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