Anyone know how much ? charges?


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but on a serious note i know both of G Dub cost around £400 for 45mins/hour a few months back...


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I know that Hazard is pretty good value.. I would book him out of them if possible.

Here is a tip:

Think how much they cost against how many punters they will bring in... ie. Hazard will bring in more than those others for sure. I would imagine all of those were between 300 and 500 quid


Not too big on any of those djs but used to work for a student night in nottingham n so far had Hazard, Brockie, Blackmarket and Heist down. Prices were (for a tuesday night):

Hazard - £700
Brockie - £600-700 (included one of the Ragga Twins)
Nicky Blackmarket - £400
Heist - £200

and paying £350 for Taxman who comin next month.

Hazard brought in the most people - bout 150 I reckon where Heist took in bout 20....notts aint exactly swarmin with dnb heads!
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All depends on location,venue capacity, day of the week, time of set etc
yep exactly that....

no one could ever give you the price of how much you'd pay.... unless you actually spoke to their agents of themselves.....

It all depends on who you know aswell mate..... some of the prices listed here are no where near what i could get some of them for at one of my nights..... but if your just starting out.... be prepared to get bum raped....

Brockie.... £700!! hahahaha... even if he got elvis to come along with him i wouldnt pay that much!! hahaha.... i wouldnt shift any more than £200 maybe £250 for Brockie..... Same goes for people like.... Ruff-Stuff.... Taxman... Logan D etc....

People like Hazard..... i wouldnt really want to pay more than £300-£350..... if your paying more.... then dont bother..... they are ripping you.... Although his Machete Bass EP has made him popular over the last month or two....... if you want Hazard then id advise on waiting till the whole "machete bass" thing blew over....

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People really are paid shit in DnB aren't they?

My mate Tom plays Funk Soul Hip Hop & Broken Beat, ends up having to play in quite a few slightly cheesy bars like Smiths in Spittalfields but he'll get like £150...

I mean I've been paid £100 quid to do a set before, and I'm a nobody... You'd think even Brockie would be worth more than 2 me's...

Why is the "street value" of a DnB DJ so low?


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Brockie.... £700!! hahahaha... even if he got elvis to come along with him i wouldnt pay that much!! QUOTE]

haha...yeah think the guy in charge of finances got fired!He gave Nicky B's mates an unlimited bar tab aswell...think they got through like 80 quids worth of drinks!
£80!! what!!.... they are some seriously light spenders man!! i can spend double that in one night.... hahaha... on just myself... geez!!!

so..... does this guy want to book us to come and play.... will be more than happy... hahahaha...