anyone heard mekon by fresh & vegas?


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Nov 29, 2001
jesus, the drums in that choon are identical to the drums in the nine.

how old is mekon?

listen --

weird eh.
'Gladiator' by Step 2 Zero has the same beats as 'The Nine' too. Review of the tune at :lickface:

BTW, that Mekon's a bad tune. I never heard that before. :slayer:
When will people learn that MP3 is shite!
the sound quality is fucking awful!
check a 22k mp3 then a 22k rm file.
There's got to be some better ones for encoding in high quality too
Anyone know em?
hey its got those The Nine beats in it...never heard it.......
but damn nice coz i WUW the nine as a classic and all...........and i was thinkin that damn.....i dunno any tunes with the nine beats in it and now getting this if i can find it:):afro: :slayer:
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