Anyone heard Markus Intellex play out?/Next Ram party

jay walker

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Jan 15, 2003
between a rock and a hard place, Hants
The next Ram party @ the End has the usual lineup - Andy, Hype, Moving fusion, Shimmon, Red one, Mampi, but this one has Bailey, which im hangin for, also, which surprised me, Mr intellex is on the bill.

I got a long runnin joke with my cru taking the piss out of Intellex an ST files over the style of tunes they make
(They like it ruff, rugged an raw).

What kinda tuneage does Markus play? Mistical stylee or whut?

The sets ive heard at the last 2 Ram Partys ive been too have been very “show-casey” , Hype at the last one just played 90% new True playaz stuff.

Has anyone seen Intellex play out in the last few months? I aint gonna be a prick an sign him off without a listen,
i jus wanna be prepared for it.


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Mar 21, 2002
Bored at Work
Every time Ive heard him its been very liquid-y, but I saw someone say that they heard him at Mass at one of the big raves and he was playin loads of anthems, so it sounds like he'll play for the crowd hes playin to.

V Matt

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Aug 16, 2002
London Town
I think he's a pretty good DJ, heard him a Renegade Hardware a few times and he's been spot on each time :thumbsup:


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Jan 30, 2002
Well worth hearing, played a lot of soulful tracks and kept me on my feet throughout


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Apr 23, 2003
Annapolis, MD, USA
I've seen Marcus twice in DC. Neither time has he played a 'liquid' set. Both of his sets were typical 'big DJ' sets. Having a handful of Dillinja, Ram, Renegade, and EIB Tracks.

He can mix skillfully though, so I didnt regret going, still had fun. It just wasnt the style I was expecting.
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