Anyone going to reach Jongleurs Gwharf 2mo nite?


Gibber Jabber
Apr 9, 2003
F**kin' Lufbra
Anyone gonna make it down for Nicky Blackmarket, Darren Jay, Eksman....shame about Shabba tho. Should be a good nite, drinks are cheap :devilslay
More than £12 on the door, think im gonna have to sit this one out! and the line up aint really my ting. Be interesting to see turn out though, thursday night Jongleurs-just like the old days.
More than 12 squidz!?!?!?! :eek::eek::eek: must be joking!
Think i'll miss this one out aswell!
Itchy at Jongleurs on thursdays was a good laugh tho!!
See u on saturday Mr E!
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