Anyone else find it hard looking for movie samples?


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I like to try to keep an ear out for some cool movie or tv show quotes. Problem is that if I'm actually enjoying the show I'm usually too engrossed to step out of it enough and consider what I've heard in the context of a track.

On the other hand if I'm only half-watching I'm much more able to listen out for cool quotes. Problem is these times the movie or show is likely uninspiring and the dialogue is shit.

Kinda a no win situation, there's been a few cases but not enough. Sometimes a second watching can help but not often. I don't want to be sampling generic action phrases, rather something to add more depth to the track in question..

Anyone have any thoughts on this?

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The dialogue will usually just pop out to me if I think it would be good to put in a tune. And I find the more obscure films are better to sample from. Nothing worse than hearing the same dialogue from some hollywood blockbuster in a bunch of tunes.

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Old horror movies for me is the best... the only problem is that sometimes you don't have the exact dialogue by itself, but with a bunch of ambient music beneath it. So you need to be creative and use this at your favour.

Also, it's hard to find good samples. you'd probably need to rip the audio from a dvd and use it.


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There's a website full of movie sound clips that's pretty cool. I once found a gold mine of old superman comics on vinyl that is uploaded on another website. keep digging and changing the search criteria, eventually you'll come across one of the vaults of sound. (I'll link these sites when I get home). another thing I do is, plug my tv into my interface so I can record what ever happens. I have multiple huge clips of gaming and movies. I mostly turn on ableton and hit record when I'm gaming. The atmospheres and sound fx are amazing. what's also cool about doing this is, you can control it too. The way you move your character or camera changes the pan and amplitude of the sounds coming in (usually) so while I'm playing, if I hear something cool, I'll catch it again, just how I want it. sounds crazy, but these things help a lot with building a library of sound to grab from without putting the brakes on the creative process


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Yeah I get the same, it's tough to separate the visuals from the audio because we're so good at doing both at the same time!

Try this: stick on apple trailers or whatever your preferred movie trailer site, now minimise your browser window and do something else where you can still focus on the audio, you'll hear a lot more.

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