For Sale Anyone after a cheap pair of technics??

Ez Im selling a pair of 1210s for £220 if anyones interested. They are pretty tatty hence the price but everything works fine on them. In their previous life they have been sprayed silver which has seen better days.

I put a brand new pitch control in one, replaced one of the on/off switches and put new pop up lights and tonearm rests on both. Ive also 'de-clicked' the pitch faders to get rid of the annoying click at zero.

I bought them to tart up and customise but just couldn't be arsed in the end so got them working ok and now getting rid of them for what they owe me.
Think ive got some carts somewhere that ill chuck in so just add slipmats and they're ready to go.

PM me if you want more info or pics.
Im in Bedford by the way and they'll have to be pick up cos Ive nothing to box em up in

Nice one