Any1 No what packs these are from ???

Fes Rock

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shadowdemon1990 said:
Right well the 1st 1 is a long shot !!
I no its a Mampi Swift set from 2004,2005 or maybe 2006
pretty sure its 2005 its accelerated culture pack as far as i can remember it has skibba and maybe some other mc on it i no it definatley has skibba on it tho !!
I no its a long shot but i'd love 2 hear this set again had it but lost it and all i remeber is that its mampi swift and from accelerated culture pack and skibbas on the set !! im 99% sure its from 2005 !!
Plz help :)

and right number 2 anyone no what pack this is from
its tonn piper and presher & its a mickey finn set !!
heres a link to a track off it .....

I been searchin 4 ages no luck :(

I would literally love anyone who could help thanks in advance

Be quality if you could cheers !!