Any1 got Craze&Juju 'Hustling EP' yet?

DJ Lordward

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Mar 11, 2004
Kent, England
Got dis yest n its phat!! any1 else got hold of it? wot do ya'll think?
'Montanas War' is heavy & samplin MOP & theres nuff dark traks on there! even got Craze's scratchin on the breakdowns on most trax! feelin all the trax except the last 1.
I like the tracks these guys have produced together so far, unfortunatley I haven't picked up anything of the Cartel label so far so I'd better pulll my finger out!! I knew SDM like sthis EP :gslayer:
I hav the first 2 cartel's which I still play but due to cash problems have not bagged this yet although definately will on release or maybe tomorrow (payday) if it's still around

Some real dirty tracks coming through on that label, plus they're not too dark for all ears :zest:
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