any toronto heads in here?


Mar 25, 2003
Buffalo Ny
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i dunno if they have their power back or not

but i was supposed to go up there and catch teh i kamanchi tour...but i guess they couldn't get into the airport cuz of all this

fucking figures, that's my fucking luck

Charlie Van Pelt

Charles N. Charge
Aug 9, 2002
Toronto, Canada
Re: Re: any toronto heads in here?

V Matt said:
Do they have their power back now 8O

Yeah, we do...for now. Rolling blackouts have been ordered well into next week in order for the recovery to go as smoothly as possible.

I just made this long-winded post at DnBScene detailing my experience with the event(s). I'll try to summarize for you here:

It all started around 4:10 p.m.:
-nature called...thank God, 'cause the lights went out while I was relieving myself, and if I went to the elevator as normal, I might have been stuck for a long time!!
-intended to go back to York University...couldn't go by subway 'cause when I saw two trains standing helplessly north of Lawrence West station, I had to call that off
-traffic lights were out, as you could imagine...citizens (not cops) were directing traffic at some intersections
-later found out that all of Toronto got knocked out, and much of the northeastern United States
-arrived at York...immediately took a bus home via Jane Street; it was a faster journey than going up Keele (cops were directing traffic at every major intersection)
-got home at 7:00 p.m....emergency lights weren't working
-went up the stairs behind some young women who had flashlights...until the seventh floor
-walked up to the eleventh floor in total darkness
-got home, listened to the radio (I had batteries) and had fun with my flashlight on my apartment's balcony
-watched in awe as night fell
-mom finally got home at 11:00 p.m.
-our power came back at 4:30 a.m.; some areas of Toronto are still in the dark!!

Right now, our subways and LRT's still aren't running, and the streetcars are pretty much stranded; it's hoped that they'll be back on Monday, but who knows?!

Oh yeah, here's something our mayor said which I found quite amusing: "In nine months, we'll have the biggest baby boom we've ever seen."

Chuck :drums:
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