Any one used these???


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Alesis M1 Active 620???

I was looking on dv247 the other day and see they had a pair of b-stock m1 mk2's for £100

they arrived today and i found a pair of brand new m1 620's inside

i have two choices.... send back the brand new 620's in exchange for the b-stock mk2's or keep the 620's.

the mk2's are the speakers i wanted but the problem is, im not 100% sure the mk2's i ordered were the active ones..... they were titled only as "alesis monitor one mk2" i bought them on impulse as last time they had them at the price they were sold almost instantly..... the picture DID show the active ones but they may have shown that pic by mistake

so, atm i have a pair of brand new 620's sitting in front of me.... if i send them back, chances are they will send me the speakers i actually paid for..... which could well be a pair of passive mk2's which i certainly dont want

so, anyone used the 620's??? they have had some really good reviews, including a great review by sos's paul white...... im thinking maybe they are worth keeping

oh..... one more thing..... i know alot of you use the mk2's but please please please dont post telling me how great they are if you havent heard the 620's..... i know they are great, i wanna know how the others compare


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I've got the M1 320s, which I think are the same but smaller, and for the price they have really good sound quality, haven't had any problems at all.

Saying that though I haven't tried using them as a USB interface, but all round pretty solid monitors, aren't that loud but the 620s should be better.

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Well compared to the 620's your better off with the mk2's i personally dont own either but have *heard both, the 620's are quite standard an dont really reach as many low end frequencies or have as much of a feel as the mk2's but i cant an wont be responsible for tellin u to send em bak an then u end up wiv a pair of useless passives.
So its up to u how badly do u want mk2's?
Err....See how much the 620's are goin for??? Then sell em an buy the mk2s an make sure there active. But obviously use the 620s in the meantime. Thats the best advice i can give!


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