Multi Genre any new labels around?

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    thought I will also post it here, if it shouldnt be posted here or in general forums - admins please remove one.


    I have some stuff which is ready to be sent out, and as I never released anything yet, and I DJed only on a couple of gigs, I obviously dont want to start with the big labels.

    I would prefer to stick with some small/starting label - who is in contact with good sound engineers (obviously for mastering purposes) - until its very successful anyway, I'm following the scene for 5 years already and its a really interesting thing whenever it happens

    the stuff I do is mostly 170bpm, also faster stuff popping once in a while (without amens, I prefer to do my beats different way) and slower (techno), very generally speaking whole Auxiliary/Samurai/Exit/Convex Industries are my biggest inspirations (especially ASC... as I always love some techno stuff).

    of course ill send demos if ill get any responses, would prefer to do it this way and get to know if there is anything suitable for me before I send it wherever else.

    more info about me:
    I also record a new mix every month which can be found here (wont continue this from 2014, I want to focus on live acts):
    + I'll probably have a track on upcoming reddit dnb compilation (which will be free to download)
    + sometimes I write articles for