Any MCs wanna spit over one of my recorded mixes?

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    I have asked this before and got a few keen people but nothing ever happened. So I was wondering and of the forum MCs or any MCs on here wanna rhyme over a recorded studio mix of mine? I'll post a couple, one liquid/chilled/rolling mix with a bit of jump up at the end and a full on 30 minute jump up mix.

    If you're interested reply here or send me a PM.

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    Jump up mix:
    DJ Hazard - Use Your Brain
    DJ Hazard - Against The Clock
    DJ Hazard - Killers Don't Die
    Sub Zero - Motion
    Sub Zero - Dodge City
    Sensai - Heart Of Dawn
    Majistrate - Plank Bass
    Dr Dub - Afraid
    DJ Hazard - Machete VIP
    DJ Hazard - Busted
    D*Minds & Dirty Harry - Ho Bass VIP

    Rolling mix:
    B Complex - Beautiful Lies VIP
    S.P.Y. - Xenomorph
    Netsky - Iron Heart
    Subwave - Stars Get Down
    Rockwell - Full Circle
    Ulterior Motive - Glued
    Need For Mirrors ft. Zero T - Tilt
    Jubei ft. dBridge - Patience
    dBridge - Mourning Dawn
    Jubei - Carbon
    Lynx ft. Hellrazor - Shady Pastimes
    Ulterior Motive - Featherweight
    Rockwell - My War
    Foreign Beggars - Contact (Noisia Remix)
    Pleasure & Origin - Tick Fa Tack
    Taxman - Evasion Remix VIP
    Deekline & Ed Solo - I Don't Smoke (Ed Solo vs. System Remix)
    Bluefoot - Jawbreaker
    Bad Company - The Nine
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    I can't MC but can I commentate?