Any good ideas for par-tays this cummin w/k-end??


Death to wak mc's
Apr 19, 2003
Well its a long w/k-end an im a love it boh!!! :tank:
Anybody point me in the direction of some bad-ass raves/free parties touchin down this weekend???
:banana: :google:
Well, there's two down inna Pompeeeeee.

There's Breakneck:Reloaded on Fri, @ Po na na, Guildhall Walk.
AND Total Eclipse on Sat night. Big up teh fine-ass dancers. :boobies:
Oh yeah.........

I've done it again....I'd have looked a right twat turning up at Po na na saying "Where's the DnB".....Again.
yes mate!!! i thought i was gonna miss it cos im at home this weekend!! luckily its next week

how come everyone got the dtaes wrong???


looking forward to it tho!
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