Any DNB Producers in NJ or NYC?


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Dec 18, 2008
I DJ'ed for many years but I spent the most amount of time spinning various flavors of DnB. I stopped at some point back in college when my course load got too heavy for me to be able to have any time-consuming hobbies. I've got a 9-5 now and no time to spin or go shop for records or get gigs... but I would really love to start making my own tracks.

I've got musical training and I used to play the piano, so I have a solid understanding of music and a genuine love for the genre.

But I don't want to go plunk down all kinds of money on software and gear just to find out that it's all way over my head or that it's just not for me.

I'm wondering if there are any DnB/Jungle producers in New Jersey or New York City that wouldn't mind giving me a tour of their setup. I'll happily bring a 6-pack or treat you to lunch, and I'm pretty easy to get along with.

I'm not a "book learner", never have been... but I'm sure that if one producer around here could show me how this all works for an hour or two, I'd learn more that way than I would watching tutorials for the rest of my natural life.

If such a person exists, send me a PM... I'd be so grateful, really.

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