DnB Any chance of a little feedback?

Youll get there. Drums could do with some saturation, sub isn't quite strong enough but its not a bad little tune
I couldn't listen past the first few seconds i'm sorry.

So I made a picture of you in a Burberry cap, smoking a rocky zoot with a packet of non-toxic Crayola crayons.


This is cool because it isnt perfect but you seem like you have something a bit unique going on in terms of where u seem to be trying to take this. Not sure it works for me but im fine with the burst of creativity so respect to you for sharing and lets hear more of your work
Many thanks for the replies. I can sometimes be heard on Dogs on Acid as ED209 but will post back here sometime!
Thanks dude. ill consider putting the drum earlier and will definatley try and fill it out with some fx. Thanks a lot for listening!
this monstrosity?
basically answered your own question.

first off.. i know nothing about production.. my opinions is from a 'fan'.. nothing technical incoming.. .

its not .. shit.. we've had ALOT worse.. its actually quite good but very amatuer.

but its far from something that would be released on a label doe.. but i think that would come with time? maybe start anew.. and then start anew and then again and again and again..

we've had some proper weird japanese manga schoolgirl crying shit once before.. that was different...


remember opinions are like assholes...
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