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Anxiety Disorde

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It’s a long time ago now, when we released our first EP but today the second EP is waiting to be downloaded.


Stereotype - D.M.O.T.A.S VIP

Bassrk - Deus Ex Machina

Krot - Empty Box

Himself - Mutatiton Effect

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Release Info:


Stereotype is a producer from Chernigov(Ukraine).
He produce just few years, but his quality has
improved very fast. He is well known from his
releases on Melting Pot, Tilt, Future 13, Mind Outside,
Anxiety Disorder and Subculture Recordings.
But more releases are scheduled...
A lot of his stuff is signed for vinyl, cd and digital relases.
Sometimes he cooperates with producers like Pylon, Structural,
Asphexia, SFS, Cyclone, Signature, Xio-Sun, Navoluxx and others
to create something unhuman :D He has support form many producers,
djs and labels. Look out for more tunes in future!


Bassrk comes from Hamburg (Germany). His main focus is on
Neurofunk and with several releases on
Basspointz Recordings, Destination Records, Mindtec Recordings
and Anxiety Disorder he has a name in the scene.
Now comes his second release on Anxiety Disorder called "Deus Ex Machina".

There will be much more to come in 2009. Stay tuned!


The present name - Kirill. Was born on December, 22nd, 1989 in St.-Petersburg.
as started to listen to electronic music in 1998. Mainly it was "The prodigy".
But the same year Kirill for the first time hears rhythms of drum'n'bass by radio.
But only per 2004 it tries to write his firsta track. At first all was very
primitively and nonprofessionally, but later year Kirill gets acquainted with
producer by name Selector (the present name Peter Shershnev) and writes with him
track calls "In Depth" which in the further gets in some mixes Russian producers,
and also sounds by radio RECORD in broadcast Pirate Station which conducts known for
much in Russia and not only Dj Gvozd. Further business at Kirill go uphill.
He get acquainted with all drum'n'bass dj's and producers of St.-Petersburg.
Kirill starts to play on parties of city and moves ahead in production.
At present Kirill works in absolutely different styles. It can be neurofunk,
darkstep, and also Soulful or even House.


Himself is a 17 years old Dj and producer.
He lives in Russia in a small town, where dnb is not so popular.
He started to listen to Drum and Bass since 14 years and hooked on
it till nowdays and starting to produce his own tunes in various dnb subgenres,
but finds techno dnb sounds more attractive. Mutation Effect is a nice techy roller and his
first released work. Watch out for him in the future!