Ant TC1 Interview (Dispatch)


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Ant TC1 is unquestionably one of the most influential and inspirational figures within the drum and bass community, and it goes without saying that the magnitude of brilliant projects he’s been behind and involved with, will have undoubtedly worked their way into the collections of most that are passionate about the genre. Ant TC1’s work as a producer has circulated the sets, radio shows and talk of the scenes most esteemed persons – and as creative a businessman as he is an artist, not many can claim to have shaped a successful label as recognisable for outputting beats of high quality, soulful and forward-thinking vibes as the highly regarded Dispatch Recordings.

Ant TC1 has pushed drum and bass forward through his talent for signing tunes out with the barriers of trends, outputting music solely for its sound, not only is his label home to some of the most prolific and gifted artists in the genre including Survival, Break, Octane & DLR and Skeptical; Dispatch is equally responsible for nurturing upcoming producers – founded back in 2001, a real milestone for the label was the Transit 1 compilation album, a game changing album, it set a very high bar and the eagerly awaited Transit 2 absolutely equals if not exceeds this, incoming very soon, I won’t deny I just bought the bundle (and by the way… I don’t even own a record player), and I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending (pre-order here).

On top of owning Dispatch Recordings, and producing tune after tune of technical savagery and creative genius, AntTC1 is involved in the organisation of pioneering events Outlook/ Dimensions festival, and he is responsible for running one of the most long-standing and inspirational record labels within Drum and Bass, Metalheadz.

Ant took some time out of his busy schedule to have a chat with us, and here’s what happened…



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What he has done at metalheadz is legendary. He has raised the bar and made me fall in love with the label like I did at the beginning. Big up and picking up the new in transit lp for sure.


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