.: Another Sunday Pwn3d : 11/28 : ODJ & Hooligan, Sabin, Shilow @ DirtboxRadio.com :.

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    What's up y'all. Prepare yourself for yet another wicked ass Sunday night broadcast with myself and some hardcore guest representation. I age another year tonight at Midnight, so I've asked some cats to roll thru and provide the most excellent ch00nage for the occasion.

    Hooligan and myself will be rollin' out a nice set for ya, expect a good bit of '98-'00 shizzle. Sabin and Shilow are rounding out the other guest slots we've got lined up.

    Harry Ransom was on the bill but is to sick to make it out today. We'll find somebody to fill the slot tho.

    07-08:30pm EST - ODJ & Hooligan
    08:30-10pm EST - ??
    10-11:30pm EST - Sabin
    11:30-01am EST - Shilow
    01-?????am EST - Afterhours


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    Tune in yo.