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Hey, I'm Tony.
I'm one of the new fresh piles of aspiring-producer that happened to plop on this new and intriguing place.

I only got into EDM very recently, about a year ago, when the soundtrack of a small, terrible PSP game caught my attention. There were a few tracks in that game that i liked, some that ended up becoming my all time favourites.

So i started to listen to more EDM stuffs, and got into it. Luckily dad had a decent nearly-a-music-studio setup in his office, with a dual screen iMac, meh sounding reference monitors and an awesome Midi keyboard.
I went through the whole lets-make-cool-stuff-like-what-I-hear-on-my-iPod phase, made some shockingly bad arrangements that I cant really call music.

But i did learn a lot in a very short amount of time, and continue to do so now. I have now invested half of my bank account into a pretty damn decent bedroom studio (albeit completely untreated :(), which is a few piles-of-rubbish-that-arent-mine short of a proper studio.

I'm looking to learn to make that stuff i'm into, which atm is Neurofunk/Hop. A Reese a day keeps the doctor away!
Even though my untreated room makes a lot of stuff sound worse then it should, I'm still making stuff. Every 16 bar project is ending up x10 better then the previous.

MANlA is my DnB/Experimental stuff project, and Rated is my long-held internet tag, which is my house/4-4 project
(Both of them are completely empty atm because i havent had the guts to share anything yet, mostly because i havent actually completed much stuff. But depending on what stuff i'll end up sharing on this site they will become active)

Well, hope to maybe meet some people, learn some stuff and get stuff done :)

Top 5 fav D&B tracks:
  • Spor - Aztec
  • London Elektricity - Just One Second (Apex Remix)
  • The Qemists - Stompbox
  • Fred V - Simple Beginnings
  • Spor - Some Other Funk
(Bloody hard list to make eh. Way more i couldnt fit in)
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