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Hello my fellow "Drum n Bass Heads". Do people still use this term?

Anyways, I'm new to this forum but not new to the DnB scene. My real name is Lin. I'm 23 years old, male, Burmese, just graduated from college, and soon I'll be looking for a job. I live in the US (Washington State). In college I used to host a radio show called "The Hardside". My friends originally started the show but gave it to me after they graduated. It was a two hour show which featured Hard House and Drum n Bass. When I took over the show, I just played Drum n Bass, even though I wanted to play Hard House but didn't have enough of those records. I miss doing that every week but all things come to an end.

I have a few mixes I've made in the past that I'll post when I have time. They are not perfect and sometimes skips due to lack of good turntables and a mixer; not to mention my mixing abilities are okay. I have an old Gemini mixer and tables which is functional, but can be troublesome.

I used to listen to "gansta" rap and hip-hop growing up but it was for the wrong reasons (just to fit in with the crowd). My friend and I accidentally discovered DnB. We were helping a neighbor of ours move when my friend Sean found a boom box with a cassette tape. He played it and out came music I was not familiar with. It was so different and catchy. So much so that we kept on listening and listening to it. Fortunately, on the tape was written "LTJ Bukem" but was kind of faded and so I wasn't sure if that was the proper spelling. Lone behold, LTJ Bukem was a real DJ with many mix cds. The tape contained tracks from many different albums from Good Looking Organization such as Earth, Logical Progression and Progression Sessions. I started a collection of these albums including listening to DnB radio stations on the internet. As I listened more to DnB, specifically Atmospheric Drum n Bass, the more I enjoyed it. I stopped listeing to rap from that point. Drum n Bass changed my life.

Drum n Bass got me through the worst times of my life when I was in grief, depression, and pain. This music is what catalyzes my day. Helps me get through life a little easier. Gives me an escape. Eases my suffering. Most of all, it's so much fun to play.

It's been about 7 years now since I discovered DnB. I'm still loving it. Everyone who is involved is truely passionate about their work whether you are a DJ or a Producer. I'm happy the world has music, especially DnB, to bring so many people together regardless of who they are. Thank you for having me here at Drum & Bass Forum. I look forward to meeting all of you soon.