DnB Another jazzy vibe!


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Jan 31, 2016
hi janek, nice jazzy tune. i like the piano goes away from the usual riff/melody pattern and jumps around -- very spring feeling alike. matches well the current cherry blossom atmosphere we do have in japan right now. sound-wise i didn't find anything to be critical about. maybe the drums could be a bit shinier, some EQing could help. but i'm not sure, it's quickly overdone and than you would lose the nice spring vibe of your track .. big up! :2thumbs:


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Aug 15, 2009
this is really nice, nice arrangement of sounds, feel the drums could be a bit more crisp, sounds like there are some bongos or similar in there, would like to hear them more.

Second, for me, i dont like the drums like that in the breakdown, think it would sound nicer without and them maybe to bring them in quickly before the drop.

Otherwise, really nice tune! big up
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